Technological issues

I think that every start-up has their issues, and at Access Regional, we have definitely encountered our fair share.

I spoke in one of the initial entries about founding Director problems, leading one member to have to drop out due to other commitments. That definitely dropped us back in our timescale. At one stage, we were talking about launching in May 2012, however, it was clear that almost as soon as we’d picked this date that it was not appropriate, and was never realistic.

Once the Directorship of the company had been resolved, we then set our sights on a September/October 2012 launch, in line with new students returning. However, that’s when we begin to encounter the dreaded technology issues. Technology has produced so many advancements in modern society, but I also find that it can be one of the most infuriating aspects of life. As we are a mainly web based company, it’s essential that our website represents our values and is user friendly enough to be used by a mass market. An important thing to remember is that everything with which you are associated represents you and can have an impact on how you are viewed or whether organisations will conduct business with you. So websites, logos and emails are absolutely paramount.

Although delayed, the website was really starting to take shape. It looked really good on the programme, but as soon as we attempted to take it onto the live server, it didn’t work. Obviously a large amount of time had been spent testing every aspect of the demo site, but there was some issue. We hope (fingers tightly crossed), that this is a basic problem (rather than coding issues) which will be resolved in the next day or so, meaning we won’t be delayed further.

Even without any other issues, trying to balance full time jobs whilst creating a company creates its own challenges. What I’m trying to convey is, always expect the unexpected and although launch dates are essential to work towards, don’t beat yourself up if something outside your control pushes it back. It is much better to get your product or service right and launch it when ready, rather than rush it to market and encounter all of your issues once it’s in the public domain when it’s dangerously easy to give potential customers and investors a bad impression.

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