The Launch

Considering that we registered Access Regional in late December 2011, the fact that we didn’t launch until March 2013 shows just how many difficulties we encountered. Firstly we went from 3 Directors to 2, then we found that there was a disagreement in direction and struggled to find our USP, which resulted in the other Director leaving (….and then there was 1) and a completely new strategic direction. Considering that I had to teach myself a raft of new skills, getting the site up and running and live within 3 months was not too bad.

I had set my heart on a pre-Easter launch and quickly identified Wednesday 20th March as the ideal date. As soon as I announced that on the Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, it dawned on me quite how near that date actually was. But, undeterred, I worked tirelessly, starting most days at 8am and finishing at 11pm, to finish the site. Of course on the 20th itself, there were some technical issues; my laptop deciding it would be the best time to be uncooperative.  However, at 3pm the site went live. I didn’t check the site analytics until Sunday evening for various reasons, and was delighted to see how many hits we’d had!

Although the site and the first edition is now out, there is still lots to be done before working on the next issue. We’re finishing off the Access Regional blog, increasing marketing, targeting advertisers, getting new venues on board to review and getting the SmApp cards, on which the magazine can be found, printed and displayed appropriately to match the brand ambition, in several locations.

We’re still on the lookout for new venues, writers, and advertisers who want to get involved in this exciting new project and match our target market (18-25 year olds).

If you fall into any of those categories, or if you just want to find out more about our strategy, any possible alliances or anything else, please get in touch at

Please remember to view our site and share with your friends and family.

This blog is also available on the Kindle Store


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