As is the case for many young people, I’d finished University, had gained work experience and wanted to apply it in the business world. I had an idea for a tech media company called Access Regional, and after winning an award which provided seed capital, I could set up the business. I have since moved onto new ventures: BKSK Inspire, a social enterprise who seek to inspire current and former youth offenders with enterprise, through training, mentoring and support and Frumtious, a health conscious natural food company producing fruit based snacks suitable for all diets and ages. I was accepted onto the BSeen Programme for young entrepreneurs with outstanding potential and Class of 2013 Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs scheme, and most recently invited to be a Trustee for Performances Birmingham Limited.

This blog will aim to guide you through the journey I’ve been on and give budding entrepreneurs an insight into the process a start-up needs to go through and the potential pitfalls.

This blog is available on the Kindle Store, you can follow me on Twitter (@benpfsmith) and find out more about me.

“An excellent blog, I am not surprised that it is popular with your readers” – Robert Guest, Business Editor, The Economist


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